Posted by: Jess | November 14, 2010

What makes a blog?

…a few good ideas  …some interesting thoughts  ….maybe an opinion or two?

I’ve enjoyed blogging off and on but quit pretty definitively several years ago. I opted for the simplicity of Facebook and it’s ability to control who sees your content. I was a privacy freak at the time. I felt that anyone could be a threat to me. This was a new feeling.

It steamed from some very unhealthy family relationships my husband and I had allowed to develop. Once the scales fell from our eyes we went into “hermit mode”, as I like to call it. We screened every call and examined the mail thoroughly before opening it. I shut down the blog and clamped down the privacy settings on my Facebook account.

But recently I realized, I still had a few good ideas to share; the occasional interesting thought; and maybe an opinion or two still left in me and my writer’s bone was itching for an outlet. So I’m back. The fear is gone and in it’s place health and healing have taken place. So jump in! …share an opinion or two yourself! I look forward to making some new friends here!



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